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November 11, 2016 │Qingdao, China│New Energy Forum 2016

Presentation "Renewable energy within building skins"


We are attending the first time with a presentation at the New Energy Forum in Qingdao, China.


Presentation title: "Renewable engery within building skin"

Time: will be updated soon

Visit the website New Energy Forum for further information.



September 20, 2016 │Dusseldorf│engineered transparency, glasstec 2016

Lecture "Fully glazed high-rise - an architectural vision stays reality!"


Paul-Rouven Denz gives a lecture at the exhibition <glasstec – engineered transparency>.


Lecture title: „Fully glazed high-rise – an architectural vision stays reality!“.

Time: 11:30 AM


For more information, please visit the website: engineered-transparency


Image by: FESTO



07. April 2016 │Freiburg im Br.│Forschung und Entwicklung at the Fraunhofer ISE

Lecture [in German]" Architectural potential of SEA-air collectors"


Lecture content: Optimisation of Sandwich Panel Construction with Energy Accumulation (SEA) in regard to energy utilisation and its principle of action.


Project partner amongst others: Thyssen-Krupp, Fraunhofer ISE, Covestro, KKT Innovations, Koschade Engineering and many more.




March 21, 2016 │Bolzano, Italy │International Energy Agency – Solar Heating and Cooling Task 56

"building integrated solar envelopes"


Programm öffnenPaul-Rouven Denz presented as a part of a 2-day kick-off meeting of the SHC-research project "Task 56: Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems" his lecture "building integrated solar facades".

The "Solar Heating and Cooling Programme" (SHC) is one of the first programs of the International Energy Agency.

For further information on this research project, please visit the website SHC Task 56



November 27, 2015 │Detmold │facade2015-Conference Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe

"Computational Optimisation"


Programm öffnenTo conclude the event "facade week" at the University of Applied Sciences/Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe Paul-Rouven Denz gave his lecture on the conference "facade 2015 - Computational Optimisation" with the topic: "Parametric design and engineering".


A few impressions of the day are shown on the website here: facade 2015

Image by: Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe





November 25, 2015 │Berlin / Großbeeren │smartTex Workshop

"Smart Textiles for new types of building envelopes"


smartTex WorkshopThe workshop with the theme "Smart Textiles for new types of building envelopes" took place on a small scale in the Facade-Lab.

You can read the agenda and the outcome of the event on the smartTex Netzwerk-website: "Ein Workshop vor Ort" [German]


Top image by: smartTex Netzwerk








November 09, 2015 │Dr. Michael Hermann (Frauenhofer ISE) and Paul-Rouven Denz in the BINE-Interview

"Rethinking collectors from a construction industry perspective"


BINE InterviewIn the BINE-Interview: Dr. Michael Hermann, team leader "Thermal Components and Systems" at the Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE, Freiburg and Paul-Rouven Denz, Head of "Research and Development" at the Facade-Lab.
The EnOB (Research for energy-optimised construction) editor Johannes Lang talked about the perspective of thermo-active building component systems and facade collectors.

You can read the interview on the follwing webseite: BINE Interview


Image by: Johannes Lang, BINE Information Service


September 28, 2015 │Großbeeren / Berlin │Workshop with Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe

"Facade Engineering for Seismic Regions""

The common workshop "Facade Engineering for Seismic Regions" took place in the Facade Forum.

Facade Workshop





September 22, 2015 │Weimar │14. international smartTex Workshop

"Intelligent Building Skins and Smart Textiles – an ideal combination"


Paul-Rouven Denz, smartTex WorkshopThe border between the facade and the roof and between different functions becomes increasingly blurred in the modern architecture due to more complex geometries. Conventional materials and constructions appear to meet these requirements less and less. Multifunctional, flexible and yet lightweight skin systems based on intelligent materials and textile structures can lead to new, efficient solutions here. [abstract]



Paul-Rouven Denz during his lecture on the topic "Intelligent Building Skins and Smart Textiles - an ideal Combination" Image by: smartTex Netzwerk


Further information on the website smartTex-Netzwerk



May 19, 2015 │Großbeeren / Berlin │Technical University of Dresden at the LAB

"Experience the Facade Showroom"


TU DresdenStudents of the Technical University of Dresden got an initial insight into the way we work.
A guided tour through the façade examples of the showroom were given by Wolfgang Priedemann where he answered multiple questions about construction, engineering, design, research and development.

In a subsequent lecture Karsten Berghäuser reported on the daily project business, on the settlement of small and large, national and international projects.

Pictures of the visit.




November 06, 2014 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ PFREFA Architecture symposium at the Facade Forum

Topic of the symposium "Construction and reflection"


PREFAOn the 6th of November about 50 architects were invited by PREFA to the architects symposium at the Facade Forum to get the latest news on new application and processing.


Images of the Architecture symposium






September 19, 2014 │Großbeeren / Berlin │Facade-Lab Network Day 2014

UNEXPECTED - The next Facade-Lab Event


event 2014 - (c) Foto: X21de Reiner FreeseOn September 19th, the third big Facade-lab Event took place. About 500 national and international guests followed our invitation and our co-organizer's invitation as well.
On this branch meeting architects, planners and product manufacturers reported on trends in the facade, technologies, the newest developments and projects.
The six countries food-station, shisha lounge, bar and the band "Hit Mama" provided the best entertainment.

Co-organizer: GUTMANN, HAZ Group of Companies, HUECK Aluminium Systems, KELLER minimal windows, priedemann building envelope consultants, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe and warema.


The Event 2014 picture gallery - here!




September 10, 2014 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │Sto-Seminar @ the Facade Forum

Rear ventilated facades (VHF)


Sto-VHFIn the Facade Forum sto hosted a technical seminar for interested architects and engineers on the topic of rear ventilated facades.

Sto as a system supplier was able to convey queries on the heat-protection-regulation and technical solutions in dealing with the new requirements.










August 27, 2014 │Großbeeren / Berlin │May we introduce?

Also in the the Facade Showroom - Co. Knauf!


ThyssenKrupp Euramax LaukienKnauf introduces with its sample drywall construction systems for exterior and interior (wet room solution) wall solutions.


Images of the Knauf - Sample







June, 2013 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ New Facade Samples in the Facade Showroom!

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe / Pohl and Euramax / Laukien


ThyssenKrupp Euramax LaukienTwo new facade samples more in the Showroom - introduced and explained!
The new samples developed in coorperationwith ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, Pohl, Laukien and Euramax and extend the range of metall claddings in the Showroom.

On the left the sample ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe/Laukien,
on the right ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe/Pohl

Come in and visit the new ones in the Facade Showroom or with a click here:

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe / Pohl - Sample

Euramax / Laukien - Sample




June 05, 2014 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ EuroLam at Facade Forum

Metal Construction Conference - Metal and Glass Constructions


EuroLam LogoEuroLam organized the "The Metal Construction Conference" and invited interested proffesionals to our Facade Forum. By means of the newly installed Facade Sample in the Showroom, Eurolam could show new applications with ventilation technology, louvre windows andslat control







April 30, 2014 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ GEZE on Tour

GEZE mit Show-Truck im Facade-Lab


Geze Show-TruckGEZE, manufacturer of door, window and safety technology, presents its versatile range on site.









March 13, 2014 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ A New Exhibitor!

PREFA - new in the Facade Showroom


PREFAPREFA is presenting a facade example in the Facade Showroom.


Pictures and information can bee seen here.







December 23, 2013 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Informational Meeting for Students

An informational meeting offered to Students of the Technical University


TU-DresdenStudents had the opportunity to view the Facade Showroom guided by Wolfgang Priedemann who showed the wide range of facade materials and solutions as well as their possible applications.


Pictures of the visit




September 19, 2013 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Norway meets Großbeeren / Berlin

Norwegian Association of Architects and Engineers in Großbeeren / Berlin


Norwegian Association of Architects and EngineersA group of Norwegian Association of Architects and Engineers

at a visit in the Facade Showroom to stay informed and inspired.


Pictures of the visit






October 23, 2012 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Aspects - Facade Design Today

VMZINC / UMICORE - Different aspects of planning rear ventilated metal facades


Vmzinc / UmicoreIn recent decades metal facades have developed to become an interesting design element of architecture. With the motto "Aspects - Facade Design Today" VMZINC / UMICORE wants to highlight in a lecture serie different aspects of planning metal facades and invites to the Facade-Lab.


Pictures of the lecture can be seen @ the Forum.



October 19, 2012 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Interesting Facts on Steel-Glass-Facades

Schüco Jansen @ the Facade-Lab


Schüco JansenIt will be an informative afternoon on important issues regarding the use of the material steel in façade constructions and on the use of glazing options.

Furthermore there is the possibility to see more than 40 facade Mock-Ups in the Showroom - examples from natural stone to the steel-glass-constructions.


Pictures of the informative afternoon @ Forum



July 16, 2012 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Summer School Switzerland at Facade-Lab

Accademia di architettura Mendrisio, Architecture Summer School 2012 -
Students experiencing inspiration and innovative technologies at first hand


Summer School SwitzerlandThe Summer School Switzerland focused in their 3-week duration of the event, especially on the subject of "Environmentally Responsive Building Envelope" and their design by means of integrated planning.

During their studies a visit to Facade-Lab was organized where inspiration and innovative technologies could be experienced by the students in the Showroom.


Pictures of the visit @ Forum



June 15, 2012 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ The Event 2012

"Roads to Solar Facade-Power Plants" @ the Facade-Lab


Event2012Taking the inspiration of encouraging feedback of the Facade-Lab founding event in summer 2010, Facade-Lab decided to convene a further interactive event.

Whilst the event in 2010 was centered around "IFE-Intelligent Facade Engineering", this event focussed on life cycle energy saving "Roads to Solar Facade-Power Plants". A symposium on available technology, constrains for implementation and its operational influences.


Get more information @ Forum



March 15, 2012 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Dialog and placement of the Sto Mock-Up

Sto in a very different way



Form, materials and colours characterize the appearance of facades.

Matching our slogan "Experience Sustainable Technology" Facade-Lab presents a wide range of facade materials and solutions as well as their possible applications with its Facade Showroom. Here, too, the haptic and optical impression is more "real" compared to the usual material samples.


In interaction with Facade-Lab Sto presents and introduces his rear ventilated facade systems in the Facade Showroom. Followed by two presentations there will be the opportunity to hold conversations and discussions with Sto and Facade-Lab.


Duration: 10:00 am - 3:30 pm


See pictures of the event @ Forum


For more information about the Sto Mock-Ups, please visit our Facade Showroom with the Sto Mock-Up and the Würth-Solar Mock-Up





October 18, 2011 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Schüco Seminar for Designers

Subject: door functions and fittings


This seminar is organized and presented by Schüco in the premises of Facade-Lab.


Duration: 10:00 am - 3:30 pm


See the contents of the event @ Forum




September 20, 2011 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │Meeting of Indian Investors

Experience Sustainable Solutions


indian investors meetingA group of Investors from India was invited to Facade-Lab to experience a variety of facade systems and materials in the Facade Showroom.

In the Facade Forum Lars Anders gives a talk on how innovative facades can be executed on time and in budget.


See pictures of the event @ Forum




October 28, 2010 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ 9th VGIE-Symposium

Subject "Green facades"- creatively valuable versus sustainability and energy efficiency



The VGIE invites you to the "9th VGIE – Symposium" at the Facade-Lab
in order to inform about latest trends in sustainable facade concepts and provides the opportunity to participate in an exchange of know-how and ideas. The event is geared towards building owners, project developers, project managers, general planners, architects, engineers and facade planners.

Presentations among others by Wolfgang Priedemann, Dr. Thomas Winterstetter [Werner Sobek Green Technologies], Dr. Jan Wurm [Arup Materials Berlin] and Stephanie Heese [Sauerbruch Hutton Generalplanung]

The provisional agenda and further information on the event can be found in the PDF announcement.

www.vgie.dePDF [german]

See pictures of the event @ Forum




September 28, 2010 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Orgadata-Roadshow-Tour

Introduction of the new LogiKal® 7



It's time again! This fall the Orgadata-Roadshow-Team is touring again through Germany again.


Included in the package - the new LogiKal® 7.
The foundation of successful companies is the flexible and economical project management. Coupled with cost and time benefits which is provided by the right software, success is guaranteed. The software-suite provides exactly this high degree of perfection, precision and independence.

Get yourself inspired by this sophisticated atmosphere.

For more information, please visit the Orgadata-Homepage www.orgadata.comPDF [german]


See pictures of the event @ Forum




June 11, 2010 │ Großbeeren / Berlin │ Opening of Facade-Lab

in Großbeeren / Berlin - Germany


A grand opening event with over 250 distinguished guests from Germany, Europe, overseas and the Arab world.


see the picture of the event


See pictures of the event @ Forum





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